Enabling the Cloud

From Decision Making

Team up with Ingeno as your CLOUD STRATEGIC ADVISOR. We can help your business build robust technical foundations as well as a strong business case that will support your transformation.

Cloud Enterprise Strategy

Top performing CIOs are unanimous in agreeing that a Cloud Enterprise Strategy is key to success. Properly leveraged, Cloud Computing has the potential of bringing exceptional business value to your organization. But what model is right for YOUR business? Where should you start? What is the most sensible transition path from where you are today to where your business needs to be?

  • Should your application be deployed on Amazon, Google, Rackspace, Microsoft or another public cloud?
  • Should you use a PaaS, IaaS, or should it be deployed on your own servers?

Ingeno offers an adaptive business driven approach that covers the essential elements of an enterprise cloud strategy.

Enterprise Readiness Assessment

The Cloud is probably already transforming your industry. Is your business ready to take on this transformation and leverage the benefits of the cloud? Ingeno can help you assess your enterprise Cloud readiness level and help you prioritize the execution of your strategy. An assessment will help you answer such questions as:

  • Which of your current applications are suitable for the Cloud?
  • Is your senior leadership team ready to support a Cloud transition?
  • Do your technical experts have the right skillsets?
  • Which standards and certifications do you need to comply with?
  • Can your vendors support your transition to the Cloud?
  • Will a transition impact on your current and future contractual agreements?

SaaS and PaaS Solutions Evaluation

The majority of todays’ software offerings are Cloud based, mostly through SaaS or PaaS models. Ingeno’s senior professionals have designed, developed and operated SaaS applications. We can perform a structured audit of the solutions you are evaluating to help you assess the technical robustness, operational soundness, and contractual terms of these solutions.

Technical Due Diligence

If you are looking to invest in or acquire an IT entity, a proper technical due diligence exercise is essential. Through a structured audit process and years of experience in the SaaS industry, we are able to make technical assessments and identify risks from technology, infrastructure, operations, and cost standpoints.

Legal and Financial Guidance

Cloud computing can bring tremendous benefits to you and your customers. For most businesses the transition from traditional IT to Cloud computing will generally be reflected in the cost structure and some contractual and legal aspects. Ingeno can help you anticipate these aspects and help you plan accordingly.

To Execution

We PLAN, we BUILD and we OPERATE your projects using a Test Driven Development approach and Continuous Delivery. We consistently aim high in order to dramatically reduce your time to market.

Collaborative Project Management

Strong client participation is essential. We use Collaborative Project Management techniques to estimate, plan, coordinate, track and control projects. You become an essential member of our development team and remain an active participant at each stage of the development of your application.

The tools we use to plan and manage your project are the same tools we use to communicate with you. You participate daily in the ongoing definition of your product and item prioritization.

As the development progresses, you determine what has the most added value and are kept informed of the cost of each element/feature. At all times you have all the necessary information to define priorities and make decisions.

You always have access to a fully working version of your application. Even during the early stages of development. This ensures that there will be no hidden surprises waiting for you at the time of delivery.

Work With the Best – Stay in Control

Collaborative Development to End‑to‑End Outsourcing

Our services range from accompanying your internal development teams to full end-to-end outsourcing. Our objective is to provide you with senior expertise when you need it.

Outsourcing addresses internal challenges such as resource availability, technical skillset shortcomings, and project management overheads.

If software development is not your core business, outsourcing your IT to a specialized team makes good business sense.

With years of experience hosting and operating applications on private and public Clouds, we can help you decide which deployment model is best suited to your needs.

Work With the Best – Stay in Control

Leading Software Development Practices

Adopting and mastering state of the art development techniques is essential to leverage the full potential of the Cloud. We maximize quality and efficiency using the best, modern approaches;

  • Agile

    Agile techniques and frameworks to manage your projects.

  • Test Driven

    We define and develop automated tests before we write any new code.

  • Continuous

    To constantly validate new code against the project test suite and code quality processors.

  • Continuous

    Continuous delivery techniques will provide you optimum visibility during the early phases of development and achieve an extremely short feedback loop with your users when the application is live on the Cloud. In other words, see your new features come to life within a few hours or days, not weeks or months.

With our Collaborative Development approach you can always access the application under development and track progress.

Development scope ranges from designing graphical user interfaces, achieving optimal user experience, down to making your backend and database fast, scalable and open to change.

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Robust Architecture

The architecture is the foundation; robustness, performance and life expectancy of the application. Cost of operations and Cloud portability depend on it. We can insure that the key architecture orientations are sound, scalable and will support your business growth.

Cloud development and deployment is really about a new way of conducting business.

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Local or Global Development

Working in a global development context is second nature to us here at Ingeno. We have the right tools, processes and experience to work efficiently with your development teams wherever they are located. Many of our clients benefit from our expertise even if they are located thousands of miles away.

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Operations must reflect the expectations of your business and your customers: Availability, Performance, and Cost. From the very beginning, we design and develop your application with operations in mind.

  • We make your application self-healing in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Your web application is highly available, robust and secure.
  • Using the latest operational and monitoring techniques, we operate your application so that it will meet the high expectations of your users.

Learn how to leverage public Cloud production and monitoring infrastructure to dramatically reduce your operating costs.

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Our experience roots back to the very foundation of Cloud computing, much before the community used the term “cloud.”