Our approach

The nature of digital products is complex. So are companies.

We’re here to help leaders leverage the cloud, artificial intelligence and industrial technologies to transform their business models.

Here are our thoughts on the subject.

Innovation start with a business opportunity

Creating innovative digital products isn’t simply an IT project that begins with a list of requirements. Instead, digital innovation is rooted in identifying business opportunities. Our process is specifically designed to start there.

True digital innovation is the intersection of technology, business strategy and human-centered experience design.

Purpose-driven strategy with cutting-edge technology

While investing in Cloud, IoT, and AI is crucial, it’s only meaningful if it directly influences your business growth. Technology is the enabler, it is not the end-result.

The real challenge: finding the right balance between ambition and pragmatism. So, while the “think big, start small” approach may be seductive, it’s the insights gained from data, user interactions and market dynamics that act as your compass, guiding you towards developing the right product.

Innovation = Idea + Commercialization

It is the process whereby ideas for new (or improved) products, processes or services are developed and commercialized in the marketplace. Without a marketplace, there is no innovation. It’s all about developing digital products that deliver relevant business value.

An idea that doesn’t find its place in the market simply remains an idea. Essentially, innovation bridges the gap between a revolutionary idea and its tangible impact on the market.

Not a formula you can simply replicate

While Tesla, Uber, and Netflix serve as inspirations for business model transformation, it’s essential to remember that your company’s context might be different, expecting profitability within months, not decades.

Each of these giants started their journey with distinct challenges and opportunities, requiring time to create, innovate and ultimately thrive.

ROI = User adoption

It’s not the software itself that holds value, but the adoption of the digital product that yields genuine return on investment.

Its true value emerges when users integrate the tool into their daily operations, work processes or routines.

After all, the best digital product is doomed to oblivion if it isn’t adopted by its intended users.

The more they integrate it into their lifestyle, the higher the return on investment.

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