Technological innovation at the crossroads of psychology and data science

A cloud platform born of a five-year relationship of turnkey R&D, design and development. Immerse yourself in the story that paved the way for the growth of Californian start-up Aptology.


5 years


Science of life


SaaS product development

The union of psychology and data science

A distinguishing feature of Aptology was its 100% quantitative, objective approach to minimize unconscious bias. Unlike other psychometric tests, their models were specifically tailored to each company.

Working with Aptology’s data science team, Ingeno designed predictive models based on factual sales performance data, creating quantitative calibration metrics. Aptology developed tailor-made predictive models to assess employee performance, enabling psychosocial profiles to be better understood and aligned with different positions.

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Ingeno has been one of my trusted partners for many years. When we needed a ready-made team of expert SaaS developers who could quickly understand our business and deliver quality services, we called them. It was a no-brainer for us.

Brad Benson

Product Manager



At the heart of market issues

One of the major challenges they faced was scaling up quickly. Aptology was targeting high-profile customers with tens of thousands of users, requiring robust infrastructure and compliance with privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the European market and the equivalent in North America.

From R&D to scale-up

For five years, Ingeno took charge of all the stages inherent in the start-up’s technological development: research and development (R&D), design, architecture, software development through to deployment in the cloud and operations management.

This partnership followed a trajectory that is typical of true start-ups: seed money, venture capital, and, just recently an acquisition by the Mediafly group. Ingeno was present at every stage. First of all, he brought his expertise in product understanding, functional analysis and user analysis to make the Aptology product even more attractive to customers. This passion for creating exceptional products has been a key driver in the company's development.

Together, Aptology and Ingeno have succeeded in transforming their initial vision into a flourishing reality. Their story demonstrates the importance of collaboration and innovation in meeting the technological and commercial challenges of today's market. Through their successful partnership, they have proven that a scientific and objective approach can revolutionize the way companies assess and develop talent.


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