BESTSELLER / Jack & Jones

Revolutionizing Retail Fashion with AI-Driven Logistics

BESTSELLER, a family-owned fashion company with a global footprint, prides itself on uniting people, fashion, and technology. Always striving to enhance and improve their purchasing and logistics processes, BESTSELLER turned to Ingeno for a breakthrough in efficiency and decision-making capabilities for the North American operations of its flagship Jack & Jones brand.


6 months




AI-driven Purchasing Optimization Tool

Fashion giant at the forefront of technology and innovation

BESTSELLER has always woven technology into their evolution roadmap, leveraging innovations to best serve their customers and reduce their environment footprint and impact.

A deep understanding of best practices and efficient processes has kept BESTSELLER a leader in the retail fashion space for decades. From an early adoption of online ordering to smart connected stores, they continuously renew their commitment to this critical aspect of business through the use of technology.

Navigating complex retail demands

Fashion is now more than ever a worldwide endeavor with design, manufacturing, distribution and sales distributed globally and requiring pinpoint planning precision.

With a constantly evolving customer base and rapidly changing fashion trends, the ability to respond quickly and proactively is crucial for success. All of this combined with maintaining rigorous operational standards to achieve ambitious financial targets.

This creates a continuously evolving puzzle in purchasing and logistics that requires ongoing, innovative solutions.

"The Ingeno team has been fantastic at translating our business needs and requirements into a simple and efficient decision-making tool that has transformed our purchasing processes. Their focus on delivering immediate value and their deep understanding of our business was invaluable. We highly recommend Ingeno to any organization looking to streamline and automate decision making and achieve operational excellence.", -Pascal Labarbarie, Technology & Planning Manager

Crafting an AI-enhanced decision-making toolkit

BESTSELLER's commitment to integrating fashion with the latest technological advancements led them to Ingeno. Our adaptable approach was vital in understanding and optimizing BESTSELLER's multi-layered purchasing processes. Through close collaboration, Ingeno swiftly delivered a user-friendly, high-speed decision-making toolkit for BESTSELLER’s internal purchasing team.

The solution harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to convert previously manual tasks into automated pipelines, reducing processing time from days to mere minutes. This technology increased the granularity of purchasing decisions, allowing the system to consider hundreds of factors for optimized outcomes. The solution now enables BESTSELLER to meet their budgetary targets more effectively even with their strict logistical constraints.


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