FirePower Capital

Cloud solutions for high-risk mergers and acquisitions

Ingeno’s cloud solutions are not just technologically advanced but, above all, offer immersive, user-centric experiences. Navigate the complex field of corporate M&A and FinTech transactions.


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Web portal and web integration

FinTech-powered growth

In the midst of a growth phase, FirePower Capital was looking for a solution to digitize and accelerate the tasks of research, analysis, presentation and feedback with their customers. The challenge? “Translate business objectives into lines of code,” says FirePower Capital's Director of Operations, Sébastien Douville. This colorful statement underlines the complexity of the task.

The consulting firm approached Ingeno to design an elegant technology product that would enable them to create specialized search procedures and customized funnels for large-scale mergers and acquisitions, on time and on budget. Due to the tight schedule and limited time of internal resources dedicated to driving the project, FirePower Capital needed an autonomous partner in all phases of the project, including the realization of a fully cloud-based solution.

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If you have a very complex project where you can’t fail and need certainty in terms of costs and deadlines, then I’d say Ingeno is the right partner for you.

Sébastien Douville

Director of Operations


Firepower Capital

Proven adoption

Six months later, FirePower Capital customers can now review and approve acquisition targets with unprecedented clarity of information and efficiency.

In fact, Sébastien Douville has observed an increase in customer satisfaction since the implementation of this cloud-based tool: “We now have customers who are even more delighted and enthusiastic about using the new platform […] They're coming back to us with ideas on how to improve it and take it to the next level,” he exclaims.

Leveraging cloud solutions and data science has reduced the time spent on research and administrative tasks by 50%.

The new dashboards have also turned into a strategic sales tool — a most positive spin-off for the firm's prospecting efforts!

“We now have customers who are even more delighted and enthusiastic about using the new platform [...] They're coming up with ideas to improve it and take it to the next level.”

A new stage for the company

The firm is now well-positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of reputable customers such as First Service, Echelon Wealth Partners and Host Papa. This product inspired a decisive shift in the company's business model, contributing to the creation of Spearhead Corporate Development, a new division of FirePower Capital founded in 2022.


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