Game-changing InsurTech solution offering generative AI-powered compliance tools

Insurloop chose Ingeno as a partner to deliver their InsurTech solution, powered by generative AI and hosted on AWS. This collaboration resulted in a state-of-the-art cloud-native portal for insurance advisors, designed to streamline compliance and enhance client relations, showcasing Ingeno's expertise in innovative technology within the insurance sector.


18 months




Cloud-native web application design and development

Compliance redefined for the insurance sector

Insurloop stepped into the InsurTech space with a bold vision to enhance the operational efficiency of insurance advisors. The startup bridges a critical gap in the sector with its innovation-driven compliance tools.

Notably, the solution offers a distinct portal that provides both a comprehensive list of advisor clientele and an extensive library of the insurance, annuity, and investment products available in Canada.

The launch-time crowning feature is the automated generation of the "Reason Why Letter", an essential compliance document that articulates the rationale behind each client’s insurance or investment purchases.

Balancing innovation with compliance standards

One of the fundamental challenges for Insurloop was to ensure the robustness, security, confidentiality and legal integrity of the platform.

The solution required adherence to intricate compliance regulations while delivering user-focused efficiency and intuitiveness for a seamless advisory experience.

The Ingeno team met this challenge by combining industry-leading architecture and infrastructure best practices with PhD-driven AI expertise.

“The Ingeno team was remarkable in their ability to design our SaaS Insurtech solution end to end. The Ingeno team are high-level professionals and their support in our efforts is exceptional. I highly recommend them without hesitation.” - Martin Lavoie, Founder and CEO

A tailored solution from concept to launch

With seasoned experience developing cloud-native applications, Ingeno meticulously transformed the vision shaped by Insurloop into a tangible, high-performing platform. Leveraging AWS's robust and scalable infrastructure, Ingeno ensured a secure and high-performing cloud-native environment for Insurloop's cutting-edge portal.

The collaboration involved an intensive understanding of Insurloop's uniquely positioned requirements, driven by their leadership's profound industry expertise. Ingeno's role extended beyond product development to include thorough data analysis, which fed into the automated document generation system, aligning the tool with compliance needs and enhancing the end user's operational efficiency.

This ongoing collaboration is a testament to our client-focused innovation spirit that advanced Insurloop into the forefront of the InsurTech space.


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