What we build

We create cloud-native solutions that transform your business, leveraging our AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner status to deploy cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT.

Our tailored solutions enhance efficiency and open new revenue streams by addressing unique industry challenges, from Fintech security to manufacturing operations.

Our Process

Envision & Define

Charting the Path to Innovation

We partner with you to understand your business goals and outline a technology-driven roadmap. Our experts ensure a strong project foundation for success.

Execute & Deliver

Turning Vision into Reality

Our developers, designers, and managers use agile methods to develop and rigorously test solutions, ensuring they meet specifications and integrate smoothly with your operations.

Iterate & Scale

Expanding Impact and Reach

Our team adapts your application to user feedback and business needs, enhancing scalability, performance, and features to maximize ROI and ensure long-term value.

Tailor-made solutions for your industry

We understand the importance of creating customized solutions that meet your exact industrial needs. The right technology will help your business operate more efficiently and facilitate its growth.

SaaS & ISV
Health Care
Transportation & Logistics
Financial Services
Public Sector & Non-Profits

AWS partner of choice

As an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, Ingeno helps you boost agility, accelerate time to market and deliver more value to customers on AWS. From data centre migrations to IoT solutions, we help you use AWS to achieve results, fast.

AWS Advanced Tier Partner

Core Competencies

  1. Cloud-Native software development

    Ingeno builds cloud-native applications on AWS since 2009, leveraging the platform’s scalability, reliability, and security to deliver high-performance solutions that meet your business needs.

  2. AWS Cloud Architecture

    Ingeno designs scalable, secure cloud infrastructures on AWS, specializing in serverless computing and containerization to boost operational efficiency and support business growth.

  3. IoT Solutions on AWS

    We integrate IoT with AWS cloud infrastructure, optimizing data processing between edge devices and cloud systems for real-time insights.

  4. Generative AI

    Utilizing AWS’s Generative AI services, Ingeno creates customized solutions that transform business operations and customer interactions.

  5. AI/ML & MLOps on AWS

    We combine our AI and ML expertise with robust MLOps practices to create efficient, automated, and scalable machine learning solutions on AWS, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency across the board.

Strategic Benefits

  1. Scalability and Flexibility

    Our AWS solutions scale seamlessly with your business, accommodating growth and changing demands without compromising performance.

  2. Security and Compliance

    We prioritize your data’s security and ensure all solutions meet rigorous compliance standards, safeguarding your operations on AWS.

  3. Cost Efficiency

    Ingeno optimizes AWS resource usage to reduce costs and improve your return on investment, making cloud economics work for your advantage.

  4. Operational Efficiency

    We streamline your operations on AWS, automating processes and enhancing performance to boost productivity and drive business growth.

  5. Innovation and Agility

    Ingeno helps you innovate faster and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging AWS’s cutting-edge technologies and agile development practices.

Ready to transform your business experience?