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We can develop for you a solid go to market MVP, allowing you to test fundamental business hypotheses at an early stage.

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We can maximize your return on investment by accelerating your application delivery pipeline, improving your systems overall stability and performance under heavy workloads.

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We can accelerate your digital transformation and provide you with greater business agility. Move at startup speed, from design to development and operations.

Not only was INGENO strongly aligned with our corporate culture, their team also demonstrated a true “Silicon Valley” mindset of innovation and leadership. They significantly improved robustness, performance and scalability of our solution. We see our INGENO team as part of C9/InsideSales and not just as contractors.
David Thompson , VP Engineering
InsideSales, San Francisco Bay Area
We called upon INGENO when we needed world renowned technical expertise that was critical for our company and thus had to meet the highest standards. INGENO also helped us improve our development best practices. In a few weeks only, they were able to produce impressive results. Personally, I have an unwavering confidence in their abilities.
Serge Massicotte , CTO
JDA Software, Scottsdale Arizona
We were looking for an outsourcing partner to help us take ownership of one of our operational platforms. After the delivery of the initial MVP, we can attest to INGENO's capacity to understand our business and deliver exactly what was needed. Our respective development teams shared passion, a strong cultural fit and bias of action with only the minimum necessary process overhead. Ingeno delivered high quality results on a daily basis, based on their Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery methodologies.
Gene Banman , CEO
DriveScale, SunnyVale California
Instantly is growing very fast and it is extremely hard to recruit great talent at the speed that the business needs. Knowing the past success of INGENO with many F100 companies and many of their “ninjas” from previous experiences, we asked them to help. Very quickly, they assembled a team of strong engineers that matched the company’s culture. In less than a week, the team was onboarded and up and running. Their expertise and ability to deliver quality, performance and scalability reinforced the team. Very quickly, we were able to get back on track with our roadmap and deliver value to the business.
Carl Trudel , CTO
Instantly, Greater Los Angeles
INGENO provides resources that are highly skilled technically. I can only praise the level of dedication and involvement of their Ninjas.
Anik Moronval , VP R&D
Ticketmaster / Live Nation, Quebec City Offices


Software R&D as a Service Can Save Your Tech Startup

If you’re a tech startup, bootstrapping your own R&D may be a bad idea. The current IT landscape makes it a risk that may doom your company. Really!

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