Resilience through technology: revolutionizing restaurant operations in a pandemic world

The pandemic posed major challenges for the foodservice sector. Find out how companies like UEAT quickly turned these challenges into opportunities, thanks to cloud solutions.


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A lot of work to do

The calls keep coming. The requests for their online ordering solutions are piling up. Points of contact multiplied. While UEAT already relied on the expertise of a formidable technology team, it now needed a solid partner to help turn around a weakened industry.

Not only was UEAT looking for a partner who could support it in rapidly scaling up its platform, it was also looking for partners who could integrate quickly and efficiently into its team. Ingeno's technological and business expertise helped stabilize the company, while supporting hundreds of restaurateurs and their tens of thousands of customers.

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Ingeno is a partner who has supported us very well in stabilizing our platform and generating value for our customers […] There's this concern to have an overview and develop things that will work well, in a fairly short timeframe.

Benoit Maheux

Vice-President Innovation & Marketing



A difference worth savouring

When you’re growing by 450% in a single year, it’s important to surround yourself with partners who know how to spot the blind spots that threaten your organization. UEAT President and CEO Martin Lafrance knew he had found the partner he needed: “What sets Ingeno apart is their expertise in highly specialized fields […] that made all the difference. It enabled us to accelerate our technological development.” — he explains.

Ingeno quickly assessed the current state of affairs in order to identify issues and assign resources to the most pressing problems. After drawing up a portrait of the company’s environment, its challenges and the inconsistencies to be corrected, a detailed and realistic game plan was devised by Ingeno.

The work didn’t stop there. Both teams worked on its execution, ensuring knowledge transfer throughout the process. Ingeno’s VP of Professional Services, Jason Pierre Sweeney, recalls the assignment as “a shining example of sustained collaboration during an extremely critical period.”

“What sets Ingeno apart is their expertise in very specialized fields [...] it made all the difference. It enabled us to accelerate our technological development.”

A stronger market position

With a stabilized, even more agile and scalable platform, UEAT is now perfectly positioned to meet the evolving needs of such renowned customers as Fairmont, Five Guys, Mandy’s and Copper Branch.

And this pleasant collaboration hasn’t stopped there. Other projects have since been concluded, enabling UEAT to increase the value of its brand, equip its team to manage an agile methodology, and improve the service it provides to its customers.

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